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Through Your Prayers
Weekly broadcasts of Christian Crusaders provide a powerful and concise Gospel message based on biblical truth. Each week's service readily proclaims Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world and personal Savior to all who believe. We need your prayers to carry out this important work.

Through Your Gifts
Because Christian Crusaders is entirely donor-supported, we encourage you to consider a financial gift to this ministry. There are many ways to give:

For your convenience, you can DONATE ONLINE!

Memorial Gifts
A memorial gift is a meaningful way to remember a loved one after their death, while at the same time helping spread God's Word to others around the world.

These gifts are given to honor a loved one who is living. We often have difficulty knowing what to give someone who seems to have everything, so honoring that special friend or family member on their birthday, anniversary, etc., with a gift to Christian Crusaders is another option.

GEM Club
Gift Every Month (GEM) Club members are those who give a gift in any amount each month. These regular gifts help immensely in sustaining our ministry during quiet giving months.

Broadcast Sponsors
A Broadcast Sponsor is someone who gives $100 to cover the cost of one week's broadcast on the station where they listen. As radio station costs rise, this is a wonderful way to help us pay these broadcast costs.

Anniversary Club
Anniversary Club members give an annual gift of one dollar for each year the ministry has been on the air. In 2008 an anniversary club gift is $72.

Endowment Gift
A major gift to our endowment fund will help assure the future of Christian Crusaders. These gifts remain in the fund as principal, while providing long-term interest income for the future.

Estate Gift
For information on how you might include Christian Crusaders in your will, CLICK HERE.

For donations over $100 please call our main office at:

or send your check to:
Christian Crusaders
P.O. Box 522
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Thank you for supporting Christian Crusaders!

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